What is “The APA Bounty”? From time to time there will be players with a “bounty” on their head......well, their pool match. Their name will be highlighted on their scoresheet and their opponent’s scoresheet. In addition, there will be a bounty coupon for a free week of league play ($7.00 value) attached to the team’s scoresheet of the identified “bounty” player. When the “bounty” player plays their match that night, if they win, they can use the free play coupon; if they lose, the free play coupon goes to their opponent to use.
If the identified “bounty” player is not present that night or does not play a match that night, there is NO bounty and the coupon is invalid. In addition, when choosing the match up for the “bounty” match, if the player challenging the bounty player is more than 2 skill levels HIGHER, the reward automatically stays with the bounty player (i.e. - if the bounty player is a skill level 4 and the opponent chooses a skill level 7 for the match, the bounty player keeps the free play coupon even if the skill level 7 wins). “Bounty” players will be chosen randomly and given out as described below:
*Teams and or Players must not be past due to receive the award.*