When you play league play in Gulf Coast APA, you have the opportunity to earn patches as an award for your performance each week.

Once you have earned your patch, please note your accomplishment on your score sheet. 

Below are the patches that are available to be earned in the Gulf Coast APA.

(Please note, some conditions/stipulations apply for certain APA patches.  See the details below for each patch.)


8-On-The-Break Patch

9-On-The-Snap Patch


8 Break & Run Patch

9 Break & Run Patch


8-Ball Mini Slam Patch


If you earn an 8 on the Break and an 8 Break & Run during the same League Night, you just achieved the 8-Ball Mini Slam!   **Only 1 per session

We'll present you with this patch to honor the accomplishment.

9-Ball Mini Slam Patch


Just like the 8-Ball variety, this patch is earned by getting a 9 on the Snap and a 9 Break & Run on the same League Night.   **Only 1 per session


Grand Slam Patch

The granddaddy of them all, the Grand Slam Patch is reserved for the rarest of feats--earning an 8-Ball Mini Slam and a 9-Ball Mini Slam within the same session.   **Only 1 per session

Will anyone attain this patch this Session? We can't wait to hand out our first one!

Rackless Night Patch

20-0 Skunk Patch (9-Ball)

Can you go the whole match without racking once? If so, then you have earned a Rackless Night Patch! You have to win the lag, and then win every rack until the game is over--no easy feat, but totally rewarding when it happens!  **Only 1 per session. Patch only applies to the 8-Ball format.**

Ever have one of those matches where it feels like you can't miss? If you manage to beat your opponent by a score of 20-0, you will receive a 20-0 "Skunk" Patch to mark the occasion!


APA Member Patch

I Won My First Match Patch

Each year in your APA Membership kit you will receive an APA Member Patch with corresponding year.

For all  new APA Members, you must win the first match you play in the Gulf Coast APA.


500 Matches Played

Club Patch

1000 Matches Played

Club Patch

500 Club & 1000 Club patches are awarded to players for reaching a longevity milestone with APA.  Once a player reaches 500 or 1000 matches in 8-Ball or 9-Ball, they will receive a 500 Club or 1000 Club Patch for their accomplishment.  

Please note: 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches cannot be combined to receive a longevity patch.

Masters Patches