Gulf Coast APA 8-Ball Invitational

The Gulf Coast APA is hosting a 24 Team 8-Ball Tournament

November 17-19, 2017

This event is open to all surrounding APA League areas. 
Please contact your Local League Area prior to registering. 
League Areas from MS, LA, TN GA and FL may participate with LO approval. 
The tournament will be held at Bumpers Billiards of Mobile.  The location houses 12 - 7ft Valley tables with Mercury Cloth.  The establishment is a 21 and up location.  Each table is coin operated and the fee is $1.00 for the event.  
Your team may consist of players from your Local APA League area or other APA League areas.  YOU GET TO BUILD YOUR  ROSTER.  Each team must comply with the 23-Rule during all matches.  Each player must have 10 Lifetime 8-Ball scores , be a paid APA member and be on an active APA roster at the time of the tournament.  
The team entry fee is $350.  A $50 deposit is due at the time of registration.  Team organizers may register a team and submit the full roster at a later date.  The deadline to register a team and submit a roster is November 11,2017 . The $50 deposit is only refundable prior to November 5th, 2017
Cancellation after, the deposit is forfeited.
 Roster Changes will not be allowed after November 11, 2017
The prize purse is guaranteed based off of 24 paid full teams.
First place is $4,000 and the tournament will pay down to 8 places.
* subject to change