2018 Spring Session MVP Invite Only Event
$600 cash is up for grabs, Champion Awards
and Individual Recognition Awards
The Spring Session MVP Invite List is out and we have made some additions to the event...
--->The 8-Ball Brackets will now be modified-single elimination
(Feedback provided that players would prefer to play a little longer in the event versus just one match and out. A modified race will be used on the left side of the bracket.)
---> The 9-Ball Bracket will now be a Lucky Draw style event
(Historically we are seeing a very low number of 9-Ball players come out and play. In conjunction with the modified-single elimination 8-Ball brackets, time constraints are an issue. This format allows a controlled environment in regards to time.)
Both additions require an extremely high amount of tables to complete all events in one day. Again feedback provided that this event needs to remain a one day function.
*All players must be on an active roster to participate

There is NO ENTRY FEE to play ~ You must register online at
www.gulfcoastapa.com/ Tournament Registration/ Singles

**Players who are a "no show" the day of the event will be charged a $25 entry fee and will forfeit all invites the subsequent session
Congratulations to all those who qualify! 
Text your teammates to congratulate them!
Details about the Invite List:
This is for the 2018 Spring Session
All divisions are combined and categorized by skill levels. The top 32 players in each skill level tier were chosen.
Your PPA% and place is determined by a calculation that is standardized by the APA National Office.
The formula = points you earned divided by points available to you
Example: 8-Ball Format
Sally played 10 times with her team. She earned a total of 15 points in those matches. Sally had 30 points available to her.
Sally's PPA% is 50%
If you were a MVP for your skill level by division, you are not automatically eligible. You had to place in the top 32 of your skill level tier league wide.